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29. March , 2021
Digital impulses for nursing and care

Digitization as the new driver of the care sector One in three people aged 65 and older lives alone. Since the mid-1980s, the number of single-family and single households has nearly doubled – seniors in particular are increasingly living alone. In 2020, according to Statistics Austria, nearly four million private households were recorded – of […]

16. March , 2021
1 year lockdown in Austria

Digital helpers as heroes in the fight against social isolation. Exactly one year ago today, the coronavirus forced Austria into a nationwide lockdown for the first time. On 03/16/2020, all businesses, stores, educational institutions, but also nursing homes were temporarily closed overnight, massively limiting our social habitus. From then on, the protection of the population, […]

16. March , 2021
Health APPs reduce disease risks.

Smartphone apps for body & soul Why do we tend to become slower and more comfortable as we age? Age-related comfort can have many reasons: Pre-existing conditions, weight or pain problems, or concerns about falling are considered common triggers. As we get older, however, an active lifestyle becomes increasingly important for both our physical and […]

17. December , 2020
JAMES in new splendor: ilogs launches the official JAMES webshop.

Since December 2020, seniors and their relatives can store security around the clock. The new web store enables a shopping experience that is both secure and modern, and finally makes the entire JAMES emergency call system accessible to end customers. Whether it’s an emergency call device, a tablet for seniors or digital health products: The […]

5. October , 2020
The AALbin pilot project is in full swing.

“No one is too old to learn.” German proverb. At the beginning of 2021, JAMES TeleCare, in cooperation with Smart City Wien, will equip 30 senior citizens in the Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung with the JAMES tabletand emergency watch. Many seniors face the increasing digitalization with shyness and restraint. The project should help to solve this problem. Under […]

22. June , 2020
Telehealth and Telemedicine: a rapidly growing market

Since the Corona pandemic, the terms telehealth and telemedicine have become increasingly important in our society. In times of mandatory distance, the online processing of health/medical services appears to be a valuable alternative to personal care in ordinances and hospitals. Due to their similarity, the two terms are often confused or used interchangeably, but they […]

13. May , 2020
International Nurses Day

On 12 May each year the International Day of Care is celebrated. The day commemorates the birthday of the British nurse and pioneer of modern Western nursing, Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). “Nursing is an art: and if it is to be made an art, it requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation as any painter’s […]

29. April , 2020
Grandma and Grandpa are now online The Corona crisis forces seniors to digitize. How is this possible?

An informative FALTER report on the digitization of the KWP (Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten-Wohnhäuser) in times of the coronavirus The report is the property of FALTERS – the weekly newspaper from Vienna and is freely available online via this link Lisa Kreutzer — MEDIA, FALTER 17/20, 21.04.2020 The family follows the recommendations of the government. Because […]

17. April , 2020
News update on ilogs COVID-19 initiative: First delivery arrived

Vienna: ilogs offers certified protective equipment in the course of the Corona crisis. The first bulk delivery of the products arrived punctually in Vienna on Monday and could be dispatched to our customers immediately. Further deliveries are planned and will be made available internationally to all our customers in the future. In Austria and Germany, […]

16. April , 2020
Austrian company delivers TeleCare solutions to support elderly family members in isolation

Klagenfurt (OTS) – One third of all people over 65 in Austria live alone at home and are therefore not only on their own in everyday life, but also in emergency situations. Especially in times of crisis, such as the current coronavirus pandemic, the relatives of elderly persons are in a constant state of worry […]

10. April , 2020
Online visits via video call

Social isolation? Not with JAMES. The JAMES Station brings video calls into your home or nursing home. Social isolation and loneliness are often directly associated with increased disease risks. This is particularly true for the elderly. In view of the current COVID-19 restrictions, family and relatives are also prohibited from visiting their loved ones in […]

6. April , 2020
A report by the “OBERÖSTERREICHERIN” on the JAMES safety watch

The current April issue of OBERÖSTERREICHERIN features an informative article about the JAMES Safety Watch and its use in an accute application. You can read the entire article by clicking on the following “download button” or via the link to the online complete edition of the current OBERÖSTERREICHERIN (p. 104-105).

2. April , 2020
Harmony&Care relies on JAMES

The Carinthian start-up company Harmony&Care tells its success story in a Puls24 article. Since 2017, the Klagenfurt based recruitment agency Harmony&Care has been finding the perfect 24-hour caregiver for people in need of care by combining a software platform and academically based matching methods. However, a high care quality standard is not only based on […]

23. March , 2020
Protective face masks against COVID-19

Currently, the health of society and the spread of COVID-19 have the highest global priority. Containing the virus requires teamwork and efficient protective measures such as the right face mask. With this news article we as ilogs would like to give you a first overview of the purpose of protective face masks. The information has […]

18. March , 2020
Valuable support through online video support

The JAMES video platform enables contactless online execution of essential services in care facilities. The new coronavirus COVID-19 is currently one of the greatest challenges facing the nursing and care sector. Viele Kundinnen und Kunden gelten als Risikogruppen, wodurch eine persönliche „face-2-face“-Betreuung möglichst reduziert werden sollte. In addition, the availability of caregivers is compromised due […]

19. November , 2019
Sport – a proven recipe for staying young

As the number of older people is growing globally, recent research is increasingly focusing on how to achieve a better quality of life in old age. In the attempt to identify life-enhancing factors, general health status, and especially mobility, seems to be crucial. Healthy eating and physical activity play an important role here. Healthy eating […]

19. October , 2019
Digital solutions as the future focus of care

DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGE Ageing is increasingly becoming a global trend. Currently, the 60+ generation is the fastest growing age group, which means that the number of people over 80 will triple by 2050. In the future, there will be more people over 65 worldwide than children under 5 – the completion of demographic change is inevitable. […]

25. September , 2019

KNOW-WHAT, KNOW-WHERE, KNOW-HOW We live in an information and knowledge-based society. The flood of information is clearly noticeable in our private and professional environment. Due to the large number of information sources, it is becoming increasingly complex to collect and provide structured information. Exactly in this challenge lies the focus of MOCCA ONE and GRIPS […]

16. August , 2019
JAMES: The assistance system for a self-determined life in old age

*DIENSTLEISTUNG: Die Dienstleistungen werden von Ihrer Organistation oder einem Partner gestellt, optional auch direkt von ilogs. They are controlled via the JAMES web portal.

16. July , 2019
New JAMES emergency call system from ilogs now available

With the end of the research project “smart vitAALity” in Carinthia, ilogs will offer professional support for assisted and autonomous living at home to interested organizations and end customers for the first time in Austria from summer 2019. WAS IST SMART VITAALITY? TheSmart VitAALityresearch project, funded by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, […]

13. July , 2019
The ilogs safety watch “James” ticks for quick help in care

The Klagenfurt ilogs Group has developed a safety watch with an integrated e-health system designed to save lives. Report of the Kleinen Zeitung by Livia Steiner, 13.07.2019 The Carinthian company “ilogs” has developed a new software product: A safety watch with the integrated e-health system called “JAMES” for the care of elderly people. The main […]

10. June , 2019
ilogs as technology supplier for European AAL project

The Interreg project E.CA.R.E. intends to face the challenges of an ageing population in Italy, which will peak in 2043. The aim of the project is to reduce the currently growing social isolation. Ilogs provides its in-house AAL technology for the project. At present, 30% of the people over 75 in Italy live alone. Due […]

10. May , 2019
The digital logbook for mobile care services

Ilogs has been the market leader in mobile social services for many years. With MOCCA, we have succeeded in bringing a fully integrated and web-based healthcare solution to the market. A perfect example of using modern technology to best serve your customers. We are now pursuing the same principle with our new product: DriveBox – […]

30. April , 2019
Project fights the challenges of demographic change in Poland

ilogs healthcare is now supporting the tele-prevention project. In the future, our watches will be used in the fight against the challenges of demographic change in Poland. THE PROJECT: “Polska Teleopieka Rodzinna” Teleprevention offers safety and a holistic approach to care and care. This means that the areas of life that guarantee our health are […]

24. April , 2019
Nuki and MOCCA open doors for nurses and geriatric care in Vienna

With Nuki and ilogs, the first 2,000 mobile care and emergency personnel will receive keyless and smart access to the residential units of residents in need of care at Sozialbau AG in Vienna from January 2019. Ilogs, the Austrian specialist for healthcare software, together with Nuki, opens the doors for more than 2,000 mobile care […]

24. April , 2019
The secure alternative for WhatsApp

Expand your MOCCA ONE with the new communication module for only EUR 1 – 0.50 (monthly per employee, price scale, exclusive server flat rate). Introductory action -10% on list price. Benefits of the new MOCCA ONE CHAT GDPR compliant Secure exchange of information From planner to employee From employee to employee Simple and familiar operation

24. March , 2019
Data protection – a continuous challenge

Data protection in Austria legally involves more than “only” the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For example, there is the current Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG), which complements the GDPR. In addition, further legal regulations must be observed and implemented, depending on the industry. Experience has shown that this problem leads to […]

16. January , 2019
MOCCA ONE – Neue Module

CHAT / DOOR LOCK / OPTIMIZER MOCCA CHAT Previously, MOCCAsmartphone users used WhatsApp as a fast communication medium. Due to the new DSVGO guidelines and security reasons, a MOCCA integrated, secure communication channel (messenger) will be available to you in the future. The head office can send messages to employees and receive them vice versa. […]

5. January , 2019
Health monitoring with JAMES

JAMES offers several assistance modules for older people who want to live longer at home. In addition to the functions for safety (emergency call), activity monitoring or entertainment, the health module for monitoring vital parameters represents an essential element of AAL systems. The JAMES-AAL system consists on the one hand of supporting technologies and on […]

1. January , 2019
Old and forgetful? Wrong!

An informative article of the charity Carinthia-magazine Hand in Hand(January 2019) “Old and forgetful? Wrong! How brain and memory change with age” This link takes you to the online version of the article.

15. December , 2018
Demographic change

Demographic change shows a marked change in the population structure over the next ten to thirty years. According to statistics, 10 percent of the working population is expected to retire by 2060. The baby boomers are retiring, resulting in a significant decline in the working society. The current and future changes will increase the cost […]

1. December , 2018
Research from Carinthia – FH Seniors take control into their own hands

New technologies enable elderly people to monitor their health. The FH Carinthia conducts tests for this purpose. Report of the Kleinen Zeitung from 01.12.2018 Blood pressure values, weight, blood sugar levels, heart rate. The so-called “vital parameters”, which should be monitored regularly in old age, are not easy to keep track of. Chronically ill or […]

13. September , 2018
JAMES goes Facebook

ilogs healthcare launched the official Facebookpage for JAMES. Stay up-to-date with the JAMES emergency call system product range. In addition to relevant information and news on current products and projects, you will receive topic-specific news articles on all aspects of the care and healthcare sector.

15. August , 2018
The circle closes – MOCCA 360° becomes MOCCA ONE

ilogs has a clear strategy for the MOCCA product: a combined technical IT platform for professional organisations that care for people at home or in inpatient care facilities. With the newMOCCA ONE the following health areas are therefore covered as a whole: Mobile social services Inpatient care for the elderly/day centres Assistance at home 24-hour […]

11. May , 2018
Sweden: Ask Mr. Teledoktor

DiePresse report from André Anwar (11.05.2018) The telemedicine industry has been growing explosively since 2016, but with mixed results. In future, German doctors will also be allowed to treat patients via smartphone. Stockholm. It is already a hit in Sweden, and now the offer is to be extended to Germany: medical consultation at the click […]

8. October , 2016
MEGA DEAL: Carinthian software for Chinese Olympic stars

What do Carinthia and China have in common? A lot more since this week! Because a IT company in Klagenfurt is now the partner of the largest Chinese sports association. With the help of the intelligent training software from Carinthia, the top athletes from the Middle Kingdom should mature into Olympic champions! Report of the […]

24. July , 2012
Technology hot spot Carinthia: Innovative mobile IT solutions from Klagenfurt

meinbezirk-Report by Elmar Aichbichler from 24.07.2012 LR Dobernig visited several technology companies – Important jobs for technology location Carinthia. During a company visit, technology officer LR Harald Dobernig got an overview of the innovative mobile IT solutions offered jointly by ilogs mobile software GmbH, ilogs information logistics GmbH, geolantis gmbH and SimpliFlow GmbH at the […]

11. April , 2012
New emergency system from Carinthia

A company in Klagenfurt has developed a new information system for emergency doctors and hospitals that speeds up the care of emergency patients. In Vienna and Graz it is already in use, in Carinthia negotiations are still ongoing. Report of the ORF Kärnten from 11.04.2012 Seamless chain of information“Medea” is the name of the system […]

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