The administration system includes master data management, duty scheduling, route planning, deployment planning and various reporting functions.

With the MOCCA system, a wide variety of reports can be created and easily exported. View staff rosters, capacity utilization or total number of clients served in graphical as well as textual form.

Master data management

The MOCCA master data management is very extensive. If important organization-specific master data is missing, it is added to the system without red tape.

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Doctors
  • Administrator
  • Contact persons and organizations
  • Vehicles
  • Beds, medical aids, etc.

Duty scheduling

  • Recording of services and absences
  • Checking for legal regulations
  • Creation of duty rosters
  • Support for planning and current display of planned actual hours, minus and overtime hours, remaining vacation, etc.
  • Arbitrary planning periods (e.g. for the accounting period)
  • Sending the duty rosters to the mobile device

Deployment planning

  • Operational planning (display of working hours, calendar and map view)
  • Conflicts in scheduling (assignment outside of preferred time, client wants to be served by preferred gender, etc.).
  • Current status of all deployments in the control center (deployment not on PDA, on PDA and completed).
  • Target/actual comparison of duty periods

Tour planning

  • Visual representation of addresses and tours
  • Creation of tours based on care dates and profiles
  • Travel times and kilometers of a tour
  • Development of the tour over the next months
  • Suggestion system: The system calculates the ideal employees for a tour based on various parameters (arrival and departure time, current overtime, availability, qualification).


MOCCA supports different end devices depending on the application area. The smartphone for caregivers on the go,
Tablets for people at home or computers, laptops and tablets for stationary use.


The majority of employees use smartphones for mobile time and activity recording. Synchronize relevant shift data, get the latest rosters, and record shift times.


In the inpatient area, staff work with a tablet directly at the client's bedside. Retrieve scheduled care and record vital signs effortlessly.


For staff and employees, responsible for initial intake or care plans. Edit master data, record usage times from mobile devices or fill in any CASE forms.




MOCCA integrates the nursing documentation system GriPS with the company Recom. The content and complexity of nursing documentation (incl. anamnesis, nursing planning) can be adapted to the requirements of the organization.

Key elements

  • Different nursing terminology such as ENP and NANDA.
  • Nursing classification with over 500 diagnoses
  • Knowledge base with evidence-based care pathways.
  • Department of diagnoses from the medical history
  • Wound documentation
  • Quality based evaluations
  • Deposit of time models


For case managers, MOCCA ONE offers convenient online functions on a touch laptop. Any forms - such as requests for hours, application to pension insurance, etc. - can be filled out, signed and sent on site at the customer's premises. In addition, the care documentation can be accessed directly or the master data of the client/customer can be entered and changed.

Key elements

  • Fill out/send electronic forms online at the customer's site
  • File or view documents for the customer
  • Create or change master data of the customer
  • Access to the current assignments as well as the nursing documentation
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