The mobile documentation system for emergency doctors and paramedics.
MEDEA enables electronic documentation on site and the timely transfer of important data to the hospital or insurance company.

Saving lives faster and more efficiently through quality management.

In emergency situations time is everything. Current rescue operations are still characterized by several negative factors such as unstructured and (linguistically) sequential information transfer. In addition, both a lack of basic knowledge about the emergency and the absence of a suitable tool for closing gaps in logging and quality assurance hinder the introduction of more efficient deployment management. Above all, this makes optimal patient preparation and treatment in the hospital more difficult, as well as neglecting the obligation to keep records.

MEDEAsupports and accelerates the care of emergency patients for emergency doctors and hospitals. The innovative information system optimizes the bidirectional information flow of digitally secured data between the emergency physician and the target hospital and thus initiates a continuous information chain, which ranges from the alerting of the Red Cross to the accounting at the health insurance company.

Data acquisition directly at the emergency location.

All medically relevant data are logged directly into the program via laptop at the site of the event. For example, in addition to the patient's personal data, symptoms, medication and all initial measures taken are precisely recorded.
For this purpose, the emergency doctor is equipped with a particularly robust laptop, which is used in all rescue operations. The device can even fall into water without being damaged and can also withstand more severe shocks.

MEDEA - Quality that saves lives.

  • Increasing the emergency doctor's knowledge of the emergency

  • Increase in treatment quality for the patient (lower follow-up costs)

  • Introduction of quality management in emergency medical services

  • Legally compliant logging

  • Reduction of latency times

  • More efficient use of resources

  • Generation of a data collection, which allows a qualitative and quantitative
    Control of the emergency system enables

  • Optionally adaptable to the respective country protocol
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