Video telephony optimized for the elderly

Device with loudspeaker and easy charging

Integration into your own WiFi or with integrated SIM card

Expandable to include useful functions

From the IT market leader in mobile care software

Social isolation? Not with JAMES !

The JAMES Station brings video telephony, entertainment and social inclusion to your nursing home or assisted living!
Social isolation and loneliness are often directly linked to an increased risk of disease. This is particularly true for the elderly. In view of the current COVID-19 restrictions, family and relatives are also prohibited from visiting their loved ones in nursing homes. This is exactly where JAMES hooks up: With the help of video telephony, the JAMES Station enables online visits from family, friends and professionals. The smart device consists of a high-quality Androidtablet and a docking station with integrated speaker.


Personal contacts are not only a threat to the elderly in the Corona crisis. For people with more severe illnesses or immunodeficiency, meeting loved ones is an always present risk.


You can't replace personal contact, but JAMES Video allows you to experience the voices and faces of familiar people. Video telephony is therefore a social experience that brings people closer together.


JAMES Station also offers access to entertainment media such as news, games and photos of family and friends thanks to its simple and age-appropriate condition.



The JAMES station allows the carers to stay in touch with family and friends in the easiest way. JAMES Station also offers additional access to media (e.g. photos of relatives) and the option to use extended features of the JAMESproduct family such as Vital Monitoring. A device can be easily used by several residents or maintainers because of the multi-user concept.   
  • Android Tablet with docking station and ILOGS softwarethat converts the device into a base station for modern care applications
  • EU Roaming SIM card and WIFI connection
  • Video calls, alarms, vitality and environmental measurements
  • Weather, newspaper, games and other online services (e.g. Youtube)
  • Multiple users per device possible!



The free JAMES chat allows relatives to easily contact with the elderly. The secure alternative to WhatsApp
  • Smartphone/tablet app for video calls and alarm reception for family, friends or professional carers
  • Alert integration in Verklizan and Tunstall as well as other
    Call Center Solutions
  • Data storage in professional ISO9001 & ISO27001 and certified hosting center

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