The JAMES Station is the heart of JAMES TeleCare. The multifunctional tablet brings family,  care facilities and entertainment into your living room!
Emergency call thought ahead: The JAMES STATION enables not only the home emergency call, but also a variety of supporting everyday and helper functions. The device consists of a high-quality Android tablet and a docking station with integrated speaker. 

Simple and age-appropriate operation: The smart device can be adapted to the different needs of users depending on their life situation.


Personal contacts are not only a threat to the elderly in the Corona crisis. For people with complicated diseases or immunodeficiency, a meeting with family and friends is an ever-present risk.


Personal contact is considered irreplaceable, but JAMES Video allows you to experience the voices and faces of familiar people. Video telephony thus becomes a social experience that brings people closer together.


JAMES Station also offers access to entertainment media such as news, games, or photos of family and friends thanks to its simple and age-appropriate operation.


The JAMES Stationoffers age-appropriate video and audio telephony at the touch of a button. Thanks to the JAMES video function, senior citizens can stay in touch with family, friends and professionals as well as a 24 / 7 emergency call centre. Whether family reunions, care or medical services; JAMES Video makes it easy to conduct online visits.


The JAMES station has its health values, in connection with the vital sensors, always in view. Health parameters are recorded directly in the JAMES portal and can then be viewed by relatives and professionals. Together with the JAMES safety watch, the JAMES station also offers a pedometer function.


Forgotten was yesterday: JAMES reminds us to take medication with a prompt alarm. The medication reminder therefore creates security for family and professional staff. Always on time with JAMES: The digital calendar saves important appointments like birthdays or the next doctor's visit


With the planning function of JAMES Station you can determine exactly the type of medication, the quantity and also the time of taking it. The system reminds automatically. 


A picture is worth a thousand words: With the help of the JAMES Chat App relatives can send (family) photos to the JAMES Station. These are automatically saved in the smart picture gallery function. Valuable memories can thus be relived over and over again.


Social isolation and boredom? Not with JAMES. Entertainment to stimulate cognitive skills: The JAMES Station provides free access to games, weather, news and other entertainment apps.


Protecting the caregivers
Relieving nursing staff
Involving relatives via video

The new corona virus COVID-19 currently poses one of the greatest challenges in the nursing and care sector. Many customers are considered to be at risk, which is why personal "face-2-face" care should be reduced as much as possible. In addition, the availability of nursing staff is limited due to concerns regarding infections. A special situation like this requires special and above all innovative from the JAMES VIDEO from the MOCCA ONE family. In the spirit of #stayathome, JAMES not only provides professional support to people in need of care, but also to your organization.

JAMES Video kcan also be used as a service for relatives. In the future your organization can offer this service to family members and relatives. Either the supervised person receives a JAMES tablet, or a tablet is provided on the ward.

JAMES Video enables the contactless online implementation of various services in your care facility and for care at home, such as:

  • social care via audio and video
  • digital visiting services
  • Control and guidance for medication intake
  • Query of vital data
  • Support for activities of daily life (ADL)
  • - Video contact with relatives as a NEW service

Procedure of a use case - person is supported online at home:

  • Your specialist staff calls the monitored customer directly via JAMES Video
  • Afterwards the supervision is carried out by video
  • The documentation (medical history etc.) of the most important data and events is possible directly in the JAMES system
  • The following support staff has immediate access to the medical history


  • Audio/video call and chat with family & professionals
  • Alarm via paired BLE Bracelet & BLE Smart Beacons
  • Indoor positioning of the JAMES safety watch / dementia watch via WiFi
  • Medication Reminder
  • Digital calendar
  • Display of vital parameters through the coupling with the JAMES Vital Sensors
  • News
  • Weather
  • Radio
  • Free games
  • Internet
  • Gallery
  • and many more



This app serves for comfortable and easy communication with JAMES. In addition to video telephony, the exchange of images and other documents is possible without any problems. The secure alternative to WhatsApp.
JAMES CHAT APP for iOS - Coming soon.

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