The JAMES emergency watches assist with day-to-day tasks and summon help when needed. As digital guardian angels on the wrist, they already support thousands of seniors worldwide in their everyday lives. For a longer, self-determined life in your own home!
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The mobile home emergency call for seniors

The digital lifesaver supports with an active alarm and the establishment of a voice call between the watch wearer and helpers: Simply press the emergency button for three seconds. The call for help is forwarded to private contacts or the responsible organization / call center.

Help for fall & fainting

The additional package FALL & DEMENTIAupgrades the JAMES emergency call watch S6 with the unique combination of active and passive (inactivity detection) alerting. In case of falls / fainting, the S6 version of the emergency watches sends out an automatic emergency call. 


Isolation & boredom? Not on JAMES' watch!

The JAMES emergency watch is a full-fledged smartphone and as such allows sending and receiving messages as well as a phone connection. With the free JAMES APP, family and relatives can stay in touch at all times. In addition, the senior smartwatch makes it easier to reply to messages: Users can conveniently reply to text messages via voice mail.


The memory aid in everyday life

The reminder function provides support when memory or attention is declining. Important reminders or events, such as taking medication, the next doctor's appointment, etc. can be entered directly in the JAMES APP. JAMES sends a timely reminder, which is read out loud if desired.


For orientation & safety with dementia

The JAMESadditional package FALL & DEMENTIAoffers professional security for dementia patients and convinces with a variety of professional functions: All-round protection through active and passive alarms, run-away protection, position detection, door-leave alarm and much more.


Faithful companion

The JAMES emergency watch integrates a precise GPS tracking system with which the position of the watch wearer can be determined at any time. JAMES thus not only provides increased safety for the wearer, but also for relatives and professionals. In a dangerous situation, helpers are therefore able to determine the exact position of the watch and intervene quickly.


Health always in view

JAMESwatches over the health of its wearers and measures important vital signs, such as pulse and blood pressure. The recorded values are then transferred directly to the JAMES APP or web portal to be viewed by relatives. This allows a rapid response to threshold violations. In addition, all watch models have a pedometer, which from experience is considered one of the most popular functions.


All-round protection with JAMES. Discover the digital guardian angel in his element!

Peter's family has enjoyed new freedom and security around the clock since JAMES. The family shares their accumulated experiences in emotional stories.

Whether family-friendly, dementia-oriented or 24/7 - the digital guardian angel reliably accompanies Peter and his loved ones through life.


  • The central management tools for your JAMES
  • Receive alerts
  • Insight on vital signs & positioning
  • Make settings & personalizations
  • Device status information
  • Free for Android& iOS


The central management tool for JAMES.


For video telephony with the JAMES Tablet.


A technology that protects in everyday life, creates trust
and can even save lives.
  • Mrs. Siegel is 79 years old and has been living in a nursing home for five years due to her dementia. The daily walks are very important to Mrs. Siegel. However, it often happens that it moves too far away and does not find its way back. Mrs. Siegel has now received the smart JAMES S6 safety watch from the nursing home. A movement zone of about 750 meters radius was placed around the nursing home. If Ms. Siegel leaves the defined zone, the staff is quickly informed and can take immediate action. Both the employees and relatives as well as Mrs. Siegel are enthusiastic about the JAMES.

    Mrs. Siegel

    Dementia in a nursing home
  • Mr. Kulterer

    Nature lover
    Mr. Kulterer is 73 years old and a nature lover. He has enjoyed extensive walks in the woods for years. However, he has recently been suffering from low blood pressure, which is why his worried family is reluctant to let him go alone. However, since he started wearing the JAMES emergency call B6, all worries have been forgotten. Mr. Kulterer can continue to spend time in nature and his family has peace of mind.
  • Mrs. Aubell

    Family person
    Mrs. Aubell is 69 years old and loves nothing more than spending time with her family, especially her two grandchildren. Since the corona pandemic, however, she has been considered at risk and must keep her distance from her loved ones. A friend recommended the JAMES Station, the senior-friendly video telephony tablet. Through the JAMES Station she can see her family anytime through video calls. Even the tradition of the common Sunday tea is maintained with the help of JAMES.
  • Mr. Fleming's mother is 83 years old. Some time ago she fell in the garden behind her house. Fortunately, after a few hours, an attentive neighbor heard her cries for help.
    So that she does not have to depend on her luck in the next emergency, he bought her the JAMES watch. Essentially, it uses the alarm and communication function to notify me of dicey situations. She feels safe & Mr. Flemming is reassured.

    Mr. Fleming

    The solution for worried relatives

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