Safety watch

For a longer life in your own home:
Modern, digital senior citizen's watch that provides support in everyday life and, if necessary, calls for help via mobile home emergency call. The JAMES Safety Watch can also be used as an emergency call system for dementia patients.
  • Mobile home emergency call
  • Alert button
  • 24/7 Alert control centre (optional)
  • Fall sensor (inactivity alarm for fall / faint)
  • Outdoor tracking (GPS tracker)
  • Indoor location (optional)
  • Pedometer
  • Dementia mode (optional: door exit alarm)
  • JAMES app with alert management
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S Series
Model B6 
Model S Series black 


Dementia Watch

The JAMES Safety Watch as a reliable emergency call system for professional use in the field of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. This version of the emergency watch also has a lockable emergency call bracelet. Dementia mode is only available on S Series watches.
  • Tracking
  • Door-Exit-Alarm
  • Lockable watch strap
  • 24/7 Alert control centre (optional)
  • Fall sensor (inactivity alarm for fall / faint)
  • Outdoor tracking (GPS tracker)
  • Indoor location (optional)
  • An alarm is triggered when leaving the building
  • In- and outdoor tracking system via GPS/WPS/LBS tracker
  • Locate, pick up and return via app or web portal
  • All functions of the JAMES Safety Watch can be reactivated
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Vital Sensors

Whether out of self-interest or due to a medical necessity: JAMES enables the uncomplicated measurement of your vital signs. Consequently, handwritten records are no longer necessary , since the measured values can be called up at any time via the JAMES App on the smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, the JAMES System optionally allows the monitoring of your measured values by a competent expert team. In case of irregularities, you will be contacted quickly and then supported with further clarifications. Common chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart failure, weight controls or diabetes are covered by JAMES.
  • Bathroom scales
  • Blood pressure meter
  • Blood glucose meter(currently unavailable)
  • Health Coach (optional)
  • JAMES app with health data
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Blood pressure
Bathroom scales
JAMES blood pressure monitor + JAMES bathroom scale
JAMES blood pressure monitor
JAMESbody scale



The JAMES Stationcombines the TeleCare Core Areas of SECURITY, HEALTH and COMMUNITY into ONE. In the center of attention is a digital terminal device consisting of an Android tablet and a charging station with integrated loudspeaker. The smart device can be adapted to the different needs of its users depending on the situation.
  • Home emergency call at the touch of a button
  • Health monitoring (in conjunction with vital sensors)
  • Gallery
  • Senior-friendly video telephony
  • Radio
  • News and weather
  • Reminders (e.g. for taking medication)
  • Calendar
  • Alarm bracelet (optional)
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