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Dementia is one of the main causes of dependence among older people worldwide. The disease can be overwhelming, not only for those affected, but also for their families and carers. The JAMES Dementia Watch offers the solution: The intelligent emergency call wristband reliably accompanies patients, relatives and nursing staff through everyday life thanks to the automatic runaway protection.
The JAMES Dementia Watch works completely automatically:
When leaving the predefined movement zone, an alarm is triggered. This makes it possible to contact the persons concerned and find them promptly.
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FUNCTIONS of the JAMES Dementia Watch


Invisible protective field
Affected persons receive the dementia watch with a predefined radius of movement of, for example, 300 metres around the desired geo-zone. If the sick person leaves this zone, a passive alarm is triggered, which is forwarded to authorized helpers. Thanks to the precise GPS tracking system, they are able to quickly locate the person in need.


Reliable runaway protection
The door exit alarm is combined with an outdoor tracking device and can be easily integrated into the daily care routine. As soon as the person concerned leaves the building, JAMES sends a passive alarm to the caregivers. This not only ensures the constant safety of the watch wearer, but also reduces the pressure on the nursing staff.


The guardian angel always with you
Many sick people often forget to put on their emergency phone. The lockable JAMES Watch Straps provide optimum protection around the "clock" and are always with you as a loyal companion. Thanks to the soft silicone material, the tapes also offer very pleasant wearing comfort.


Passive alarm for unconsciousness.
In risky situations (falls, fainting, etc.), affected persons are often no longer able to make the life-saving call for help. However, thanks to its integrated inactivity detection, JAMES automatically sends a passive alarm signal to the personal alarm chain or a 24/7 emergency call centre. During the passive alarm, incoming calls are automatically answered by the intelligent emergency call system.


The smart emergency call system offers supporting features such as the JAMES App, reminder functions, social networking and a reliable geofence mode
  • An alarm is triggered when leaving the building
  • In- and outdoor tracking system via GPS/WPS/LBS tracker
  • Locate, pick up and accompany the affected person via app or web portal
  • All functions of the JAMES Safety Watch can be reactivated (e.g. home emergency call)
  • Data protection + encryption
  • Part of the JAMES AAL solution


Stylish and safe through life - the modern designed JAMES Dementia Watches are currently available in different version

Model S4

For professionals: The S4 impresses not only with its design, but also with its functional diversity. This is divided into the three core areas of the digital butler: safety, health and community.

Security meets vitality and social interaction
In addition to essential alarm functions (mobile emergency call, inactivity detection, dementia mode etc.), the senior watch offers wearers vital-centred gadgets such as a pedometer, reminder functions, indoor and outdoor location system and heart rate measurement. In addition, the free JAMES App enables family and relatives to stay in constant contact with the users via chat, audio and video telephony.

Model R6

The new round design of the R6 gives the model a touch of classic elegance while still looking modern. The style-conscious version of the JAMES Dementia Watch has the same range of functions and possibilities as the provenS4model.

Model S6 LTE

Even faster. Even smarter: The direct successor model of the S4 with LTE network connection. The S6also scores points with health parameters such as heart rate measurement.


APP & Portal

The JAMES App allows you to view all relevant information about the watch and make settings. Relatives and specialist personnel are also able to make simple adaptations (E.g. Alarm chain). The JAMES Portal offers further useful functions for professional care institutions and specialists.


A technology that protects in everyday life, creates trust and can even save lives.
  • Mr. Fleming's mother is 83. Some time ago she fell in the garden behind her house. After a few hours an attentive neighbour fortunately heard her cries for help.
    So that she does not have to depend on her luck in the next emergency, he bought her the JAMES Watch. She essentially uses the alarm and communication function to notify me in dangerous situations. She feels safe & Mr. Flemming is reassured.

    Mr. Fleming

    The solution for worried relatives
  • Mr. Ortner

    A sprightly active resident
    Mr. Ortner is 83 years old and very active. Every day he makes small excursions in the surroundings of the nursing home. For some time now, Mr. Ortner has been complaining of acute dizzy spells and associated breathing difficulties. In order to continue doing his rounds alone, he can now call for help at any time via the alarm of the intelligent watch in case of symptoms. The staff quickly finds him and takes care of him immediately. In the future Mr. Ortner can continue to go for his walks alone without any worries.
  • Mr. Maude

    Assisted living
    Mr. Maude is 80 years old & has been using the JAMES Watch for over nine months. Above all he is enthusiastic about its simplicity.
    Calling & triggering alarms works smoothly, the battery lasts long & can be charged easily & quickly. At bedtime, he sets the clock on the bedside table for charging.
  • Mrs. Siegel is 79 years old & has lived in a nursing home for 5 years due to her dementia. The daily walks are very important to Frau Siegel. But it often happens that she gets too far away & does not find her way back. Mrs Siegel has now received the smart JAMES Watch from the nursing home. A movement zone with a radius of approx. 750 metres was created around the nursing home. If Mrs. Siegel leaves the defined zone, the staff is quickly informed & can act immediately. Both the employees, their relatives and Mrs. Siegel are enthusiastic about the watch.

    Mrs. Siegel

    Dementia in a nursing home

Inactivity Recognition

Smart fall sensor
In risky situations (falls, fainting, etc.), affected persons are often no longer able to make the life-saving call for help. JAMES, however, thanks to its integrated inactivity detection, sends an automatic alarm signal (passive alarm) to the personal alarm chain or a 24/7 emergency call center. During the passive alarm, incoming messages are automatically accepted by the automatic system. This enables the affected person to communicate with helpers despite immobility.

 Use case "FALL AND FAINT"



The JAMES safety watch assists with daily tasks and calls for help if necessary. To date, it already supports thousands of older people worldwide in their everyday lives. Senior citizens are thus able to live at home in a self-determined manner for longer.

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