JAMES TeleCare – The safe emergency call system for elderly people living alone

Safely heading towards the future together with JAMES

Many elderly people live alone at home and are therefore left to their own devices not only in everyday life, but especially in dangerous situations. Relatives wish their loved ones a life marked by community and security – especially since they are not always able to personally care for their older relatives due to distance and work. “What if the elderly grandmother falls and can no longer cry for help?”, “What if the demented father forgets to take his medication?” – Questions like these are the constant companions of concerned family members. To alleviate these concerns, the AALemergency call system JAMES TeleCare was created.

The purpose of JAMES: A safe, socially integrated and above all longer life in their own four walls for older people. The JAMES TeleCare family consists of a series of intelligently coordinated components:

The JAMES Station

Grandma and Grandpa go online

The JAMES Station, the age-optimized tablet with docking station and integrated speaker is a true all-rounder and combines the core areas of SAFETY, HEALTH and COMMUNITY into one. The device is particularly suitable for elderly people living alone and seeking protection and social integration within their own four walls. The JAMES Stationenables the home emergency call at the touch of a button (arm transmitter or on a tablet) or, if desired, via Alexa’s voice alarm (Amazon’s intelligent assistance system).

Leave social isolation and boredom no chance

The Station proves to be extremely valuable, especially in situations where personal visits are not possible – like the current corona crisis. In times of mandatory distance, vulnerable people are still able to experience the voices and faces of familiar people, thanks to JAMES Video Telephony.

Whether it’s user-friendly voice and video telephony with family and caregivers, professional health checks, or enjoying your favorite newspapers and media services online, JAMES makes it possible.

In addition, the JAMES Station can be coupled with other JAMES Components such as the Safety Watch and / or the Vital Sensors (intelligent body scales and blood pressure and pulse measuring device) as well as the JAMES Bluetooth wristband(for the home emergency call). All components can be managed and logged by authorized contact persons via the JAMES Web Portal or the JAMES App.

EXTRA for Alexa users! A pair like no other – JAMES meets Alexa

The JAMES Station can optionally be coupled with the renowned Amazonassistance system, Alexa. Through Alexa, the home emergency call upgrades to the command, “Alexa, JAMES help!”. This makes it even easier to trigger an alarm in an emergency situation.

Safety around the “clock” – The JAMES Safety Watch

The JAMES Safety Watch assists in daily tasks and gets help at the touch of a button if necessary. To date, it already supports thousands of older people worldwide in their everyday lives. Senior citizens are thus able to live at home in a self-determined manner for longer. The mobile home emergency call forms the core of the JAMES Safety Watch.

Even a harmless walk can become a dangerous situation: “What if the grandfather falls or can’t find his way home?” To ensure that everyday life can be enjoyed without worries, the emergency call system offers a combination of active and passive (inactivity detection) alerts. But what exactly does that mean?

Aktice Alarm
In risky situations, the call for help itself can be made by pressing the alarm button. This sends an alert signal to personal contacts and/or to a 24/7 call centre.

Passive alert in case of inactivity – the reliable fall sensor
If a single person falls and then remains motionless on the floor, the inactivity alarm is automatically activated and mobile call support is triggered. Help can thus be initiated quickly and it is prevented that those affected remain helpless for hours.

Passive alarm when leaving a movement zone
Secured watch carriers should be able to move as freely as possible. Nevertheless, in some cases it is necessary to inform the qualified personnel or personal assistants if the watch wearer moves too far from his place of residence. This function of the movement zone, specially designed for people with dementia, can be set up very easily and provides valuable support. However, this is not the conventional “door leaving” function. This is much more “strict” and triggers an alarm when approaching the exit door.

The JAMES Vital Sensors

Only see a doctor when it is really necessary.

With the JAMES Vital Sensors, important health parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure and sugar are always in view. The Vital Sensorsconsist of various medically certified devices (body scale and blood pressure monitor) for recording vital signs. On request, the measured data can be sent to the care centre and monitored by an online nurse. Optionally, authorized contacts can also use the JAMES App to view recorded vital data and information (emergency call history, environmental parameters, medication administration, etc.) at any time. JAMES thus replaces the often tedious doctor’s appointments and proactively informs in case of any irregularities. This not only makes the everyday life of JAMESusers easier, but also that of family members.


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JAMES TeleCare – The safe emergency call system for elderly people living alone

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