16. March , 2021

Health APPs reduce disease risks.

Smartphone apps for body & soul

Why do we tend to become slower and more comfortable as we age? Age-related comfort can have many reasons: Pre-existing conditions, weight or pain problems, or concerns about falling are considered common triggers. As we get older, however, an active lifestyle becomes increasingly important for both our physical and mental health. In the era of smart devices, older people are now being helped to make daily progressthrough vitality apps.

Progress starts with the right app.

The JAMES safety watch is the perfect companion for an everyday life characterized by safety and activities.

Many studies show that regular exercise can contribute immensely to general well-being and extend life by additional years – even when people only start exercising at an older age. Getting active, however, is not just about adding more years to life, but at the same time giving the years more content. An Australian study* reports on the value of health apps, particularly in the context of older people’s health. The apps, some of which are available free of charge, are now part of the standard inventory of every smartphone/smartwatch and encourage not only younger generations but also seniors to be physically active. According to the study, they increase the number of steps traveled daily by an average of 2,000. This reduces the risk of certain cancers, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Melody Ding, assistant professor of epidemiology and behavior change, notes:

“Given the wide and increasing reach of smartphones and trackers, even small increases in physical activity can lead to significant improvements in health.”

Smartwatches as exercise & health drivers for seniors.

The JAMES emergency watch B6 in use

Special emergency watches with vital functions are, especially for seniors, the key to a lifestyle that is both active and safe – especially since they often forget about their smartphone. The JAMES emergency watchsupports elderly persons with pulse and blood pressure measurement as well as a pedometer. All health values are immediately available in the associated JAMES APP for watch wearers and relatives. In this way, deviations can be responded to quickly and potential risks can be prevented.

Sufficient exercise increases energy, maintains personal independence and protects body and soul. The JAMES emergency watch watches over the health and well-being of its charges as a digital guardian angel.

JAMES Emergency Watch

*Data on the study: https://thepulse.org.au/2020/12/22/fitness-trackers-do-help-increase-activity-study/

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