18. March , 2020

Valuable support through online video support

The JAMES video platform enables contactless online execution of essential services in care facilities.

The new coronavirus COVID-19 is currently one of the greatest challenges facing the nursing and care sector. Viele Kundinnen und Kunden gelten als Risikogruppen, wodurch eine persönliche „face-2-face“-Betreuung möglichst reduziert werden sollte. In addition, the availability of caregivers is compromised due to illness, childcare, and concerns about the virus. A special situation like this requires special, but above all innovative, solutions like the JAMES video solution from the MOCCA ONE family. JAMESprovides professional support not only for people in need of care and their relatives, but also for your organization.


With the help of JAMES, not only people in need of care and their relatives, but also your organizationwill be professionally supported.

JAMESVideo enables contactless online execution of various services in care facilities:

  • social care (24/7 care & visiting services)
  • drug administration
  • Query of vital data
  • support in the activities of daily life (ADL), etc.

Flow of a use case – person is cared for online at home:

  • Specialized personnel call the serviced customer directly via JAMES Video
  • Afterwards the supervision is carried out by video
  • Documentation (history etc.) of the most important data and events is possible directly in the JAMES system
  • The following support staff has immediate access to the medical history

JAMES Video is available as an app, under the name “JAMES Chat”, for smartphones and tablets.

If the equipment is not available, the JAMES Station or the JAMES Safety Watchcan be purchased additionally.

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