19. November , 2019

Sport – a proven recipe for staying young

As the number of older people is growing globally, recent research is increasingly focusing on how to achieve a better quality of life in old age. In the attempt to identify life-enhancing factors, general health status, and especially mobility, seems to be crucial. Healthy eating and physical activity play an important role here. Healthy eating and physical activity play an important role here. They have a positive impact on both mental and physical health.

A 12-year study from Finland showed that even moderate physical activity practices have a positive influence on the quality of life of people over 65. People who exercise regularly reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems and senile dementia. The last aspect in particular seems interesting:
Although some studies have already shown that sport improves mental performance in old age, research by Frankfurt’s Goethe University has shown how exercise has a positive effect on brain metabolism.

Walking is man’s best medicine.” – Hippocrates

Training (in-door and out-door) has a significant influence on the brain metabolism of older people and at the same time prevents the increase of the metabolic product choline. The concentration of choline often increases due to the declination of nerve cells, such as in Alzheimer’s dementia. Active seniors therefore use training not only to improve their motor skills and balance, but also their mental fitness.

Sport connects and makes people happy, which is why it should be practiced sufficiently in old age. To ensure the safety of older people, Active Assistant Living systems such as the JAMES safety watch with pedometer, indoor and outdoor location, mobile emergency call and many other features are ideal.

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