19. October , 2019

Digital solutions as the future focus of care

The JAMES Tablet as one of many ilogs solution strategies for the future


Ageing is increasingly becoming a global trend. Currently, the 60+ generation is the fastest growing age group, which means that the number of people over 80 will triple by 2050. In the future, there will be more people over 65 worldwide than children under 5 – the completion of demographic change is inevitable. Ageing societies therefore represent a current challenge for the public care and health sector. In order to counteract this, great hopes are being placed in new technologies, specially digitalization.


The guarantee of an independent, self-determined and safe everyday life with a high quality of life. However, developing e-technologies for older individuals is a complex undertaking. Those digital solutions must be specifically tailored to the needs of older customers. Smart AAL systems like JAMESare setting standards in this regard.

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