25. September , 2019



We live in an information and knowledge-based society. The flood of information is clearly noticeable in our private and professional environment. Due to the large number of information sources, it is becoming increasingly complex to collect and provide structured information. Exactly in this challenge lies the focus of MOCCA ONE and GRIPS for the care sector.

WithGRIPS, MOCCA ONE provides a digital knowledge database for all persons in care. All information (anamnesis, assessments, medication protocol, nursing diagnoses, interventions, etc.) is stored in the system in an orderly manner and made available to the nursing staff at any time. The system offers evidence-based, scientifically sound nursing know-how and supports the planning staff in the documentation process. During the next home visit, the mobile caregiver knows exactly which particularities to pay attention to and which tasks are on the agenda. These tasks are marked as completed by the maintainer with the smartphone directly on site in the MOCCA app. Finally, the service is prepared for client billing. GRIPScan be connected to the administrative modules of MOCCA ONE, e.g. master data management, resource planning and billing.

Your advantages:

  • Integrated activity planning
  • Significant care documentation
  • Fast transfer of information to responsible nursing staff
  • Versatile reporting
  • Transparency of work processes

NEW: Task Assistant – more than just a to-do list

Your advantages:

  • Overview of tasks, activities, and appointments for the area management
  • Individually accessible by means of pre-definable filtering
  • To-do list with all due activities, personal and up-to-date
  • Simple check off of completed services in the Task Assistant
  • Performed services are transferred to billing.

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