10. June , 2019

ilogs as technology supplier for European AAL project

The Interreg project E.CA.R.E. intends to face the challenges of an ageing population in Italy, which will peak in 2043. The aim of the project is to reduce the currently growing social isolation. Ilogs provides its in-house AAL technology for the project.

At present, 30% of the people over 75 in Italy live alone. Due to social isolation, the elderly are increasingly experiencing psychological and physical difficulties. E.CA.R.E. intends to respond to this problem by creating a model of community intervention based on the integration of local actors (community, friends, neighbours, etc.) – technologically supported – by creating a model of community intervention. In the course of the research project the participants will be guided towards an improved lifestyle. This includes the professional support of specialized staff, who evaluate the participants in the areas of social relations, nutrition and physical activities.


In the course of the project, participants will be provided with technological aids such as the tablet, the safety watch and vital sensors.


With the help of vital sensors, the patients can measure their blood pressure, blood sugar and weight on a daily basis. The vital signs are sent to the JAMESTeleCare Portal and monitored by a certified nurse. In case of irregularities, this allows a quick and timely intervention.


The JAMES safety watch protects participants in everyday life. It can be used to trigger an alarm, which is then forwarded to the helper. In an emergency, the participants can be quickly contacted (by calling the watch) and located if necessary.


In the JAMES Community Portal, so-called Community Managers (e.g. volunteers, professional staff of care organisations) create a platform for communication, exchange and assistance. The functions (calendar of events, neighbourhood help, chat) enable the Community Manager to interact with the seniors and to network with them. Thus, with the help of the JAMES packages, the increasing isolation of older people as well as their associated physical and psychological difficulties are counteracted in a targeted manner.

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