24. March , 2019

Data protection – a continuous challenge

Data protection in Austria legally involves more than “only” the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For example, there is the current Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG), which complements the GDPR. In addition, further legal regulations must be observed and implemented, depending on the industry. Experience has shown that this problem leads to increasing confusion among those responsible.

How can we help you? When implementing the requirements of data protection, the responsible parties are required to generate a benefit for the company that is sufficient beyond data protection. At ilogs, we see data protection as an integral part of personnel and organizational development, which must be continuously supplemented. Regardless of whether you are already certified for an ISO standard, are aiming for certification or not: With our integrative approach of “Effective Organization” we can support you in achieving your goals to the extent you need.

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