16. January , 2019

MOCCA ONE – Neue Module



Previously, MOCCAsmartphone users used WhatsApp as a fast communication medium. Due to the new DSVGO guidelines and security reasons, a MOCCA integrated, secure communication channel (messenger) will be available to you in the future. The head office can send messages to employees and receive them vice versa.

  • Secure exchange of information
  • From planner to employee
  • Employee to employee
  • Simple, familiar operation


Turn your intercom into an intelligent door lock with MOCCA ONE. In cooperation with the company NUKI, we will enable you to develop an innovative key management system in the future. Thanks to the MOCCA Portal (EDP), keys will be managed electronically in the future and employees will be able to lock and unlock the front door of the residential complex via their smartphone in the day view. On request, residents can also pass on the electronic keys to relatives. In the future, it will also be possible to open the door centrally on request via a control centre (e.g.: 24/7 Servicecentrale).

  • The MOCCAsmartphone as a key
  • Controlling access authorization centrally
  • Simple and efficient


A completely new ilogs feature is the automated deployment and roster creation. The service will be available to you in the first quarter of 2019. With the optimizer enables:

  • the execution of automatic assignments (per day and per employees)
  • the automatic assignment of unsupplied operations in a specific time window, based on various criteria (qualification, working time, distance, travel time, desired time window).

The proposal calculated by the system can be accepted or modified by the responsible planning staff at the push of a button.

  • Reduce the planning effort of employees
  • Saving costs
  • Increase the quality of care

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