5. January , 2019

Health monitoring with JAMES

JAMES offers several assistance modules for older people who want to live longer at home. In addition to the functions for safety (emergency call), activity monitoring or entertainment, the health module for monitoring vital parameters represents an essential element of AAL systems. The JAMES-AAL system consists on the one hand of supporting technologies and on the other hand of the care of a qualified nurse as well as situational supportive doctors.

As part of the Smart VitAALity project, the JAMESAAL system is currently being used by almost 100 older people in Carinthia. Initial results show that the offer is very well received. The seniors feel much safer and more comfortable, especially in combination with the safety watch. In addition, after a 6-month care phase, an increase in more risk individuals of more than 20% could be identified, which shows the preventive added value of this solution. For customers of ilogswho already use the electronic care documentation, it is also possible to transfer the measurement data directly into the service. In autumn, ilogs will start a similar service in Vienna with 80 participants, together with the Vienna Social Services, the Johanniters, the AIT and other partners. We will keep you informed!

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