8. October , 2016

MEGA DEAL: Carinthian software for Chinese Olympic stars

What do Carinthia and China have in common? A lot more since this week! Because a IT company in Klagenfurt is now the partner of the largest Chinese sports association. With the help of the intelligent training software from Carinthia, the top athletes from the Middle Kingdom should mature into Olympic champions!

Report of the Kronenzeitung from 08.10.2016

The Simpli-Flow founders Walter Liebhart and Patrick Sadovnik at the meeting with the partners in China
(Photo: ilogs)

Making everyday life easier. With this project, the experts at “ilogs” Klagenfurt began developing mobile phone and computer solutions many years ago.

Outstanding examples are the parking reservation system for international airports or the GPS emergency call (“Safe Motion”); which can save lives in an emergency.

2011 saw the breakthrough into the international sports world with the start-up “SimpliFlow”.

“With this software you can document every training unit digitally and with pinpoint accuracy.” Every coach can immediately see how his athlete is in shape – even when he is not on site,” explains founder Patrick Sadovnik.

Many international top clubs and also NHL stars (whose names remain secret) rely on the Carinthian invention.

In the future, China’s sports stars – like Olympic champion Han Xiaopeng – will also rely on it. Because “SimpliFlow” becomes a partner of “Irenaworld”, the leading sports organization in China.

The goal is to use the software to reach for gold at the Winter Games in Beijing 2022.

“We are also helping with the development of winter sports in China.” There is much in the making,” says co-founder Walter Liebhart.

In return, the Chinese partners and SkywoodCapital will join SimpliFlow as partners. The way is paved for the global expansion of the Carinthians.

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