24. July , 2012

Technology hot spot Carinthia: Innovative mobile IT solutions from Klagenfurt

meinbezirk-Report by Elmar Aichbichler from 24.07.2012

Technology supplier LR Harald Dobernig

LR Dobernig visited several technology companies – Important jobs for technology location Carinthia.

During a company visit, technology officer LR Harald Dobernig got an overview of the innovative mobile IT solutions offered jointly by ilogs mobile software GmbH, ilogs information logistics GmbH, geolantis gmbH and SimpliFlow GmbH at the Schleppekurve site in Klagenfurt.

“Thanks to the company ilogs, together with its partner companies in Klagenfurt, creative ideas and solutions for mobile end devices such as smartphones or notebooks are developed, which are in demand both in Carinthia and internationally. I am pleased that such innovative companies are operating successfully in Klagenfurt”, emphasises Dobernig and refers to the creation of important jobs for the technology location Carinthia.

Only recently ilogs, together with social affairs officer LR Ragger, implemented the Pflegeplatzbörse (Nursing Place Exchange), with which nursing place seekers can obtain an overview of the available places in their area with just a few clicks. But other applications in the social sector are also very successful, such as the MOCCA platform, which was recently awarded the eHealth/telemedicine prize “E.T. Award 2012” for innovative patient communication. This covers the nursing and care process from the inpatient and mobile (outpatient) sector to innovative assistance systems and services for telemedicine.

Geolantis is the specialist for mobile applications and processes for the acquisition and management of line and cable networks as well as road and rail networks using geodata and GPS systems. Mobile sports and health systems are developed by the company SimpliFlow.

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