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We develop and market innovative software solutions for the social and health care sector and for people at home. In doing so, we always keep the following aspect in mind: to give people of all ages easy access to the digital age and let them find fun in new technologies.

The future is digital. And ILOGS the time machine.
Supervised persons
Business customer

Care organisations

The MOCCA ONEplatform is   a modern ERP system that covers all processes for the administration and care of people in need of care. MOCCA offers professional organisations a variety of digital solutions for the following areas:

- Mobile (outpatient) care
- Stationary (old-) care
- 24h-care

Living longer at home

The award-winning emergency call system enables older people to live longer and   more self-determined lives in their own homes.
The digital guardian angel watches over the safety and health of his charges and   supports both cared-for seniors and their relatives.

Professional organisations and care providers are offered new business models   in the field of Active & Assisted Living   with the digital smart system.

For ambulance services

The mobile documentation system MEDEAfor emergency doctors and paramedics enables electronic documentation on site and   prompt transmission of important data and information   to the hospital or to the insurance company.

 For nursing staff

With the elegant SafeMotion safety watch, you can optimally protect your employees in care. Help can be requested both actively and passively. Alarm processes are carried out according to certified criteria.

New safety

"Since Wearing the JAMES safety watch, I've been trying to walk alone again. The watch is invaluable to me! ", Mrs. Elisabeth L., 81 years old, has already fallen once.

New Freedom

"I live alone and still travel a lot. With the JAMES safety watch I feel safe at all times and now i do longer trips again"," Anna M., 74, living alone, ruthless.

Relief for relatives

"Finally, as a relative, I can go shopping again without any worries and do my part-time job. I can be reached at any time via the JAMES Watchand can also proactively call my mother and check  her current position.“, Mr. Thomas M., Son.

Relief for nurses - more freedom for the carers

"Since our runaways wear the JAMES Watch, we have much less stress. If a resident is too far away we are automatically notified by JAMES.", Nurse of a retirement and nursing home.

Consistent transparency

"With MOCCA, we can map the entire care and nursing process digitally throughout.
This offers greater transparency, uniform standards for our dedicated care staff and rapid availability of information for our customers...
", Head of a large care organization.

Healthcare News

17. December , 2020
JAMES in new splendor: ilogs launches the official JAMES webshop.

Since December 2020, seniors and their relatives can store security around the clock. The new web store enables a shopping experience that is both secure and modern, and finally makes the entire JAMESemergency call system accessible to end customers. Whether it's a safety watch, a tablet for seniors or digital health products: The new store […]

5. October , 2020
The AALbin pilot project is in full swing.

"No one is too old to learn." German proverb. At the beginning of 2021, JAMES TeleCare, in cooperation with Smart City Vienna, equips 30 seniors in the Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung with the JAMES Stationand Safety Watch. Many seniors face the increasing digitalization with shyness and restraint. The project should help to solve this problem. Under the motto […]

22. June , 2020
Telehealth and Telemedicine: a rapidly growing market

Since the Corona pandemic, the terms telehealth and telemedicine have become increasingly important in our society. In times of mandatory distance, the online processing of health/medical services appears to be a valuable alternative to personal care in ordinances and hospitals. Due to their similarity, the two terms are often confused or used interchangeably, but they […]


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