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With the completion of the research project "smart vitAALity" in Carinthia, ilogs offers for the first time in Austria professional support for assisted and autonomous living at home to interested organisations and end customers from summer 2019.


The Smart VitAALity research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology was carried out as part of the "benefit - Demographic change as an opportunity" programme. The aim of the survey is to find out how technologies affect the subjective quality of life and what added value users derive from the integration of technological aids in everyday life.


Three cities in the state of Carinthia were chosen for the project: Klagenfurt, Villach and Ferlach. On the basis of the different city sizes (measured by the number of inhabitants), structure-specific results were achieved in the course of the project:


We at ilogs were able to use the research results to improve our product range for the TeleCare sector and adjust it to meet the needs of the target group. You can find our product range under the further link:

The assistance system for a self-determined life in old age

The Carinthian start-up company Harmony&Care tells its success story in a Puls24 article.

Since 2017, the Klagenfurt based recruitment agency Harmony&Care has been finding the perfect 24-hour caregiver for people in need of care by combining a software platform and academically based matching methods. However, a high care quality standard is not only based on the competence and sympathy of the nursing staff, but also on the use of innovative software solutions like JAMES Telecare.

2 Minuten - 2 Millionen - Erfolgsgeschichte: Harmony and Care. copyright PLUS 4

Harmony&Care managing director Anja Silberbauer knows this too:
The video report shows the JAMES portal, the JAMES tablet and JAMES blood pressure monitorand the JAMES safety watch in use. Active-assisted living systems such as JAMES use innovative technologies and services to improve the quality of life in old age, thus making everyday life easier not only for caregivers and relatives, but also for qualified professionals.

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ilogs has a clear strategy for the MOCCA product: a combined technical IT platform for professional organisations that care for people at home or in inpatient care facilities. With the newMOCCA ONE the following health areas are therefore covered as a whole:

While the first three areas are already available on the market, the 24-hour support is not yet available.

ilogs healthcare has launched the official Facebookpage of JAMES Telecare.

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Stay up-to-date with the JAMES product range. In addition to relevant information and innovations on current products and projects, you will receive topic-specific news articles on the care and health sector.

Demographic change shows a marked change in the population structure over the next ten to thirty years. According to statistics, 10 percent of the working population is expected to retire by 2060. The baby boomers are retiring, resulting in a significant decline in the working society.

The current and future changes will increase the cost of age-appropriate care. To address the heavy burden and potential loss of quality of health services, investments in eHealth are being made at European level.

JAMES offers several assistance modules for older people who want to live longer at home. In addition to the functions for safety (emergency call), activity monitoring or entertainment, the health module for monitoring vital parameters represents an essential element of AAL systems. The JAMES-AAL system consists on the one hand of supporting technologies and on the other hand of the care of a qualified nurse as well as situational supportive doctors.

As part of the Smart VitAALity project, the JAMESAAL system is currently being used by almost 100 older people in Carinthia. Initial results show that the offer is very well received. The seniors feel much safer and more comfortable, especially in combination with the safety watch. In addition, after a 6-month care phase, an increase in more risk individuals of more than 20% could be identified, which shows the preventive added value of this solution. For customers of ilogswho already use the electronic care documentation, it is also possible to transfer the measurement data directly into the service. In autumn, ilogs will start a similar service in Vienna with 80 participants, together with the Vienna Social Services, the Johanniters, the AIT and other partners. We will keep you informed!



Previously, MOCCAsmartphone users used WhatsApp as a fast communication medium. Due to the new DSVGO guidelines and security reasons, a MOCCA integrated, secure communication channel (messenger) will be available to you in the future. The head office can send messages to employees and receive them vice versa.


Turn your intercom into an intelligent door lock with MOCCA ONE. In cooperation with the company NUKI, we will enable you to develop an innovative key management system in the future. Thanks to the MOCCA Portal (EDP), keys will be managed electronically in the future and employees will be able to lock and unlock the front door of the residential complex via their smartphone in the day view. On request, residents can also pass on the electronic keys to relatives. In the future, it will also be possible to open the door centrally on request via a control centre (e.g.: 24/7 Servicecentrale).


A completely new ilogs feature is the automated deployment and roster creation. The service will be available to you in the first quarter of 2019. With the optimizer enables:

The proposal calculated by the system can be accepted or modified by the responsible planning staff at the push of a button.

Data protection in Austria legally involves more than "only" the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For example, there is the current Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG), which complements the GDPR. In addition, further legal regulations must be observed and implemented, depending on the industry. Experience has shown that this problem leads to increasing confusion among those responsible.

How can we help you? When implementing the requirements of data protection, the responsible parties are required to generate a benefit for the company that is sufficient beyond data protection. At ilogs, we see data protection as an integral part of personnel and organizational development, which must be continuously supplemented. Regardless of whether you are already certified for an ISO standard, are aiming for certification or not: With our integrative approach of "Effective Organization" we can support you in achieving your goals to the extent you need.

With Nuki and ilogs, the first 2,000 mobile care and emergency personnel will receive keyless and smart access to the residential units of residents in need of care at Sozialbau AG in Vienna from January 2019.

Ilogs, the Austrian specialist for healthcare software, together with Nuki, opens the doors for more than 2,000 mobile care and emergency services. With MOCCA ONE, ilogs has created a technical platform for stationary and mobile care as well as 24-hour care.


As already announced in October 2018, SOZIALBAU AG will equip its residential complexes in Vienna with the smart access system from Nuki by 2020. Nuki transforms existing intercom systems and doors into smart access systems and turns the smartphone into an intelligent key. With the retrofit combination of the Nuki Box and the Nuki Smart Lock, access to single and multiple family homes becomes completely keyless. In future, residents, service providers and even employees will be able to lock entrance doors simply and conveniently via app. The digital access authorization is made via the respective operations center.


With Nuki, ilogs has found another innovative partner whose product could be integrated into MOCCA ONE. Especially in the social and health sector, the quality of care and support is essential. MOCCA ONE is available as an application on the smartphones of caregivers around the clock. The system supports internal processes as well as customer care and support. With MOCCA ONE, ilogs is the market leader for mobile care in Austria and is also used in numerous other countries. Through the integration of Nuki into the MOCCA ONE app, the access to the SOZIALBAU AG residential complexes and the people in need of care living in them is considerably simplified. At the same time, the previously unsafe central key or key box is replaced smartly.


With the expansion of the Nuki Smart Lock, the smart phone becomes an intelligent key and offers the nursing staff a keyless access solution to the home of the patient. This leads to a significant simplification in the management and planning of nursing staff, which in turn correlates with high increases in efficiency and cost savings.


The mobile MOCCA application on the smartphones of the emergency services, which is used for care documentation and coordination, now also opens the doors of the residents contactlessly and automatically. The combination of Nuki and ilogs technologies makes this possible.


SOCIALBAU AG, founded in 1954, is the largest private and non-profit housing company in Austria. Currently, they manage 51,252 rental and condominiums. They also manage a group of companies consisting of three non-profit cooperatives and two corporations, as well as several equity investments. They are the market leader in the digitalization of resident communication and a pioneer of resident-oriented IT services.


Nuki Home Solutions is the leading provider of retrofittable, smart access solutions in Europe. The companies goal is the making conventional door locks intelligent and thereby replacing the physical key. The current product portfolio includes the Nuki Combo, consisting of Nuki Smart Lock and Nuki Bridge, as well as the Nuki Box – a retrofit solution for apartment buildings. Nuki Home Solutions was founded in Graz in 2014 by Up to Eleven. The managing director of Nuki Home Solutions is Martin Pansy.


This successful project takes geriatric care at home once again to a higher level. Keyless care overcomes difficulties, helps to reduce costs and to improve the quality of service in the long term.

Expand your MOCCA ONE with the new communication module for only EUR 1 - 0.50 (monthly per employee, price scale, exclusive server flat rate). Introductory action -10% on list price.

Benefits of the new MOCCA ONE CHAT

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