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Modern software for healthcare

The core of our company is to develop innovative software solutions for the health care sector. We help professional organisations to deliver the best care, supporting active and independent aging at home for older adults. With more than 12,000 software users we are one of the leading providers of modern e-health solutions across Europe.

The modern eHealth platform for caregivers!

Due to demographical, technological and social developments, health services are changing. Well-known care approaches are influenced by trends towards individualisation and digitalisation. Our eHealth solution provides smart technologies in order to adapt to and manage ongoing challenges for stationary and mobile care, active assisted living and 24/7 care.

Digital Assistance System

The population is aging, the number of single-households is increasing, large families are in decline and illnesses through old age is rising. These circumstances are impacting and shaping the living environment of a generation. AAL-Systems provide innovative & useful technology for a better & more sustainable quality of life. JAMES supports older adults and allows them to stay connected, healthier & autonomous for longer.

The safety solution for nurses and sole workers

People working alone are exposed to an increased safety risk at work, such as personal assaults or accidents. In order for lone workers to get help quickly in an emergency case, companies can rely on emergency signal systems such as the SafeMotion™ smartwatch. Specially developed for the sole worker sector, the watch helps in critical situations and offers direct integration into 24/7 call centres.

The digital guardian angel

While growing older, the number of people who suffer from several diseases simultaneously increases. The fear of losing independency and the ability to provide for themselves is an issue. What people are looking for is a smart solution for more security, supporting independence. The James safety watch gives the wearer the opportunity to alert their care provider or family members when they need help.

Ambulance / Emergency Medicine

Medea enables and accelerates the flow of information between the primary care and the hospital. Emergencies rely heavily on safe and complete communication between all involved parties.

Easy. The digital logbook.

Whether you are in possession of a company car or even managing a whole fleet, recording the driver’s logbook is an essential task and should not be underestimated. Unfortunately, seamless documentation of the miles driven can be rather challenging.


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