Digital solutions for   health, care & support.

We develop and market innovative software solutions for the social and health care sectors and for people at home. In doing so, we always keep the following aspect in mind:enabling people of all ages to easily access the digital age and find joy in new technologies.

The future is digital. And ILOGS the time machine.
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Care organisations

The MOCCA ONE platform is   a modern ERP system that covers all processes for managing and caring for people in need of care. MOCCAoffers professional organizations a variety of digital solutions for the following areas:

- Mobile (outpatient) care
- Inpatient (geriatric) care
- 24h care

Living longer at home

The award-winning emergency call system   from ilogsenables older people to live longer and   more self-determined lives in their own homes.
The digital guardian angel watches over the safety and health of his charges and   supports both assisted seniors and their relatives. The focus is on two smart emergency watches.

Professional organizations and care providers are offered new opportunities with the digital smart system.   Business Models in Active & Assisted Living   offered.

For rescue services

The MEDEAmobile documentation system for emergency physicians and paramedics enables electronic documentation on site and   prompt transmission of important data and information   to the hospital or insurance company.

 For nursing staff

With the elegant SafeMotion safety watch, you can optimally protect your employees in care. Help can be requested both actively and passively. Alarm processes are run through according to certified criteria.

The ilogs tree of life

Our vision to optimally support elderly people, their relatives and caregivers in their daily lives is best explained by our example family. Our products and services have already taken root in our ilogs family   - and the fruits of this digital photosynthesis are impressive.

Family Kern introduces itself:


All-round protection with JAMES and MOCCA ONE. Discover our digital solutions in action!

Since JAMES, the Kern family has enjoyed new freedom and security around the clock. Some of the family members also require the assistance of competent caregivers. They make their daily work easier with the help of the digital care platform MOCCA. Following, the Kern family and their caregivers/doctors share their experiences in emotional stories and use cases.


New safety

Since I've been wearing the JAMES emergency watch, I dare to go for a walk on my own again. The watch has a priceless value for me! ", Mrs. Elisabeth L., 81 years old, already fell once.

New Freedom

I live alone and am still on the road a lot. With the JAMES emergency watch, I feel safe at all times and now also go on longer trips again..", Mrs. Anna M., 74, living alone, spry.

Relief for relatives

Finally, as a dependent, I can shop and work my part-time job again without worry. With the   JAMES emergency watch, I am connected at all times and can also pro-actively call my mother as well as   check her current location.", Mr. Thomas M., son.

Relief for nurses - more freedom for the carers

Since our trail runners have been wearing the JAMES emergency watches, we have had much less stress. If a resident moves too far away, we are automatically notified by JAMES.“, Dipl. Nurse of a home for the elderly and nursing.

Consistent transparency

With MOCCA, we can map the entire care and nursing process digitally from end to end.
This provides greater transparency, uniform standards for our dedicated care staff, and rapid information readiness for our customers...", head of a large care organization.

Healthcare News

29. March , 2021
Digital impulses for nursing and care

Digitization as the new driver of the care sector One in three people aged 65 and older lives alone. Since the mid-1980s, the number of single-family and single households has nearly doubled - seniors in particular are increasingly living alone. In 2020, according to Statistics Austria, nearly four million private households were recorded - of […]

16. March , 2021
1 year lockdown in Austria

Digital helpers as heroes in the fight against social isolation. Exactly one year ago today, the coronavirus forced Austria into a nationwide lockdown for the first time. On 03/16/2020, all businesses, stores, educational institutions, but also nursing homes were temporarily closed overnight, massively limiting our social habitus. From then on, the protection of the population, […]

16. March , 2021
Health APPs reduce disease risks.

Smartphone apps for body & soul Why do we tend to become slower and more comfortable as we age? Age-related comfort can have many reasons: Pre-existing conditions, weight or pain problems, or concerns about falling are considered common triggers. As we get older, however, an active lifestyle becomes increasingly important for both our physical and […]


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